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Mohka Manufacturing Co. Ltd. treats the careful protection of personal information on this site ( as an important corporate responsibility and complies fully with legal requirements concerning the protection of personal information and continually enforces and improves these regulations in order that everyone who views and utilizes the site can do so without fear.

1.Handling of personal information

Personal information provided by our customers is used only within the scope of the indicated purposes and is not provided to any third party.

2.Control of personal information

Personal information that Mohka has collected is strictly controlled at safe locations and measures are taken to prevent its loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. And personal information that is no longer needed is carefully disposed of or @destroyed by an appropriate method.

3.Provision of personal information

In a case where the disclosure of personal information is demanded in compliance with the law or where it is needed to protect the life, well-being, or property of a person, but it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the person concerned, or in a case where a demand for disclosure of personal information is made by a public agency (police, court, etc.), the said personal information may be provided without he agreement of the person concerned.

Katsuya Nishina
Representative Director
Mohka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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